How to create a social site account. While this information specifically covers setting up a account it is also suitable for similar sites.

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Huge potential of social networking.

Social sites like mySpace offer a huge potential for individuals and businesses to network with interested parties and to gain friends.

How to create a account.

There are a lot of fancy things you can do to your profile, blogs and groups, however this article focuses on setting up a normal account so you can get started quickly. If you browse around MySpace you will see some creative sites. However many use fonts and colors that are difficult if not impossible to read. We would suggest that you consider your visitors, if they cannot read your site they will not stay long.

You can edit your site at any time. This allows you to change the look and feel of the site at a later stage. Click here for more information on making non social sites self promoting.

The first step.

Personal details

You will be asked for some basic info about yourself and a user name and password.


Your user name (sometimes referred to as a handle or nickname) is the name that will be displayed to other MySpace users. You can use your first name, the name of your business, a wacky name etc. The key thing about your user name is to select one that is not offensive. Using a name that relates to what you do can be an advantage such as "FreePromotion4U". This is our user name and anyone seeing it in one of the postings will imediately identity with the focus of the profile. If you are going to promote a business, product, service, band etcetera try selecting a name that will relate to your focus.


Our advice is to use a random mixture of letters and numbers. Avoid using proper names.

Focus or purpose of profile

It is a good idea to provide some form of focus to your profile. If the focus is to promote art then create your editorial around this. If you have other websites, blogs or other sites you can include link to these other sites.

Making sites self promoting.

Save on advertising, marketing and promotion by making your profile, blogs, clubs and groups by making them self promoting.

Making any site including a social site profile, blog, group / club self promoting is very easy. As soon as you have registered your site, copy the website address (URL) that you want to drive traffic to and click here. This will take you to the EMS system registration page where you can set up the site(s) you want to direct traffic to. If you want to direct all your traffic to a single site, you only need to register that site.

Details on exactly how to set up a site to be self promoting are available here.

Summing up

There are significant advantages in making a site self promoting, both in terms of generating additional traffic and the potential savings on advertising, marketing and promotion costs. If your interests are only for socialising or networking making your site self promoting can help build your network of friends more rapidly.

Step by step instructions for creating and setting up a account

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Step by step instructions for creating a account

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