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What is the Enhanced Marketing System?

The Enhanced Marketing System or EMS System, is a Free Marketing System, that integrates free advertising, free marketing and free promotion. The Enhanced Marketing System provides an exponential growth of visitors, adverts and incoming links to your website or blog. The additional incoming links help to increase website or blog popularity, and therefore the sites page listing position in search engine results and page ranking in the search engines, which in turn will help to increase targeted traffic from the search engines.

The EMS system is a FREE Internet marketing system.

Because the EMS system is a Free Internet Marketing System with no registration charge or EMS usage charge, even the information required to use the EMS system is provided for FREE, as well as information on how to integrate it with other advertising to improve conversion rates from other advertising etc. The Enhanced Marketing System provides a very cost effective method to advertise, market or promote an individual, a business, website or blog. This makes it ideal for promoting a wide range of products, services, information and entities.

The Enhanced Marketing System can be used by:

  • Part-time workers.
  • Sole traders.
  • Small Medium Enterprises (SME).
  • Larger businesses.
  • Affiliate marketers.
  • Multi level marketing (mlm).
  • eBay marketing.
  • Clubs.
  • Bands.
  • Groups.
  • Charities.
  • Individuals.
  • etc.
The only restrictions are that the websites or blogs being promoted may not contain undesirable content.

Why having a Website or blog is smart

The internet provides a huge potential to promote anything, an individual, a product(s), a service(s), information, or an entity such as a business, group, club, charity etc. Anyone wishing to use this huge potential can benefit from having either a website or blog. In the simplest form a website or blog can be just an online advert, but both websites and blogs have the potential to be much more.

Our advice is that if you do not have an online presence that you set-up either a website or blog. In some cases a blog is sufficient but in general a website is better as it provides more flexibility.

There are FREE websites and FREE blogs that can be set-up and used without any programming experience; so unless specific functionality is required that needs custom programming you do not need a website designer. With a little PC knowledge you can set-up a simple, free website or blog with just basic word processing skills. If you need help click here and email us with your requirements.

For individuals and small buinesses a blog may be all that is required to provide online information about their business, effectively it can be just an online advert, if the business does not need or warrant a website.

Promoting affiliate website(s), mlm businesses and other sites that you cannot edit.

Many online marketers have websites / web pages that are created automatically as part of an affiliate or mlm business. Most of these do not allow you to edit them which means that your web site or page is the same as everyone else (probably hundreds or thousands) who are promoting the same products.

If you cannot edit the site(s) you are promoting, you should have your own personal website or blog that you can edit. Not only does this provide you with an additional way to drive traffic to your marketing website or web pages but you can also promote more than one income stream. Having multiple income streams means that you can earn income from a number of sources. Having more than one income stream ensures that you do not have all your eggs in one basket.

Promoting eBay auction items, eBay shops and other auctions.

If you sell goods in online auctions including eBay auctions or in eBay shops you can drive traffic to these listings using the EMS system. As the EMS system is designed for long term automatic promotion of a website or blog; eBay shops can by effectively promoted directly using the Enhanced Marketing System.

If you are promoting individual auction items, the item URL will only be valid for a short period; for this reason it is better to use a separate website or blog which can be set-up to be self promoting using the EMS system and include links to your current auction items on your website or blog that can be edited as required.

What is a blog?

A blog is like an online diary, but as it can contain almost any formatted text and pictures (even multi media information on some sites). You can use a blog as an advert for promoting yourself, product(s), service(s), information or businesses.

You can use the EMS system to promote either a Website or blog.

The Enhanced marketing System can be used to promote either websites of blogs, simply enter the URL (website address) of the site you want to promote when you register. If you can edit the website or blog you can make it self promoting using the Enhanced marketing System.

Making your personal or business website or blog, self promoting

Using the EMS system you can convert any website or blog you can edit into a self promoting site.

Tip: If you cannot edit a website, we suggest that you set-up your own site (this can be a free website or free blog) that you can edit and make it self promoting using the Enhanced Marketing System. You can then use both the EMS system and your self promoting editable website to direct traffic to other website(s).

Simple 4 step set-up

The EMS system only requires 4 easy steps to promote a website or blog. After activation the EMS system will run automatically to drive visitors to the registered website or blog.

Cost effective advertising, marketing and promotion

The key thing with with any advertising, marketing and promotion is that it needs to be cost effective if it is going to be a benefit to your business. Basically cost effective promotion, requires that the total profits created exceeds the total cost of the promotion; the greater the profit generated in proportion to the advertising cost the more cost effective it is.

As time is money, you need to be realistic about how much your time is worth. If you look at most FREE advertising you will find there are serious disadvantages that cost you either time or other resources. Free For All (FFA) advertising can overload your inbox and in general has very low or no response as almost no one reads them (ask anyone you know, if they visit FFA sites to read adverts or read their junk mail).

There are some less obvious gray areas, like search engines, many of which are FREE to register; however some businesses pay experts, hundreds of thousands per year to keep them at the top of the rankings. The cost of search engine optimisation, to get higher search engine ranking, also needs to be cost effective to be of benefit to your business, however there are some free things anyone can do to improve their search engine ranking for free.

What is the most cost effective advertising, marketing and promotion method or system?

Firstly, is a particular advertising, marketing or promotion campaign profitable?

Any advertising, marketing or promotion that costs more money to run, than the profits it generates is no benefit to your business. While in some cases it is very easy to establish if you are benefiting from a particular campaign in other cases some work will be required to establish how much benefit is derived from a particular promotional campaign.

Advertising, marketing or promotion campaign costs.

Advertising, normally requires a set-up charge and a running cost. This applies to both online and offline advertising. When adverting in a paper for example you need to create the wording and any graphics required for your advert and may also be charged a set-up fee by the paper (sometimes this is included in the advertising charge), then there is a charge for each insertion (the running cost). The running costs may be a monthly charge, a charge per view, a charge per click, your time etc.

The simplified online advertising comparison formula

Base all your calculations on, say, 10000 website visitors and work out the cost of the advertising to get the visitors to your website or blog. Determine the profits based on a typical conversion rate of 1 to 5%. While a few sites get far higher conversion rates in the order of 15 to 20% they are using highly targeted advertising, very compelling copy and some back end techniques to achieve these rates. As soon as you have some actual conversion rates you can update your calculations based on what your website actually achieves.

TIP: You can help to increase your effective conversion rates by using the EMS system (Enhanced Marketing System).

Let us take an example where the profit on a product, excluding advertising costs is $10 and look at advertising that creates 10,000 site visitors. Based on 2% of the visitors buying, the income before deducting the advertising expenses will be 10000 * 2 / 100 * 10 = $2000.00. For simplicity we will ignore the cost of creating the adverts or banners required and any set-up costs.

Example 1 - Pay per click or AdWords

With our first example let us say we are using Pay Per Click (PPC) or Adwords costing $0.50 every time someone clicks through to your website. Then if 10000 people click on the advert you will be charged $5000.00. In this case our advertising is generating a loss of $3000.00 ($2000.00 - $5000.00).

Example 2 - Pay per view

In this case the blocks of views are ordered say 100000 views at a cost of $100.00. Let us say that 1% of the views result in a click through to the website, so 1000000 views will be required to get 10000 to the site at a cost of $1000.00. In this case our profits are $1000.00 ($2000.00 - $1000.00). In this example, while we are making a profit after deducting the cost of the advertising, the advertising is still expensive as it is taking 50% of the profits.

Example 3 - Enhanced Marketing System (EMS)

In this case the EMS system directs visitors to your website or blog, as there is no charge for using the EMS system the cost is $0. In this case your profit is $2000.00 ($2000 - $0). The EMS system is a must do as it is FREE and runs automatically.

Example 4 - Reposting on FREE advertising sites

In this case while you do not need to actually pay for the adverts let us say that it takes 5 minutes per day and you get 5 visitors to your website per day. If you pay yourself say a minimum wage of $20.00 per hour, then the cost of advertising to get 10000 visitors to your website will be 10000 * $20.00 * 5 / 60 / 5 = $3333.33. In this case our advertising is generating a loss of $1333.33 ($2000.00 - $3333.33).

Example 5 - Search engines

While some search engines are free others charge a set-up or annual charge. You should register your website or blog on all the main FREE search engines. Search engines do not direct visitors to your website or blog, they provide a list of matches to a search query. Your position in the list is affected by a number of factors, including the search term used in the query, how much competition there is for the search phrase and how the search engines rank your website or blog in comparison to the competing sites. Search Engine Optimisation will help to increase your position in the search engine listings but this can be expensive if you are in a very competitive market. Based on no search engine optimisation costs you will get a profit of $2000.00 ($2000.00 - $0.0). How long it takes for you to receive 10000 visitors from the search engine is variable and it may take years if your website or blog does not rank very high.

Example 6 - 1 for 2 website exchange visits

In this case you need to visit 2 websites to get one credit, which gets you one visitor to your website. While you do not need to actually pay for the visitors to your website let us say that it takes you an average of 25 seconds per website that you visit. To get 10000 visitors to your website you need to visit 20000 websites. At 25 seconds each this will take 20000 * 25 / 60 minutes or 138.89 hours. If you pay yourself say a minimum wage of $20.00 per hour, then the cost of advertising to get 10000 visitors to your website will be 138.89 * $20.00 = $2777.78 In this case our advertising is generating a loss of $777.78 ($2000.00 - $2777.78).

Summing up

In these examples, some options generated a loss and others created a profit (from a loss of $3000.00 to a profit of $2000). Even "Reposting on FREE advertising sites" created a loss of $1333.33 just spending 5 minutes per day based on a minimum wage of $20.00 per hour and FREE exchange visits created a loss of $777.78. If you do not value your time you can argue that you would have made a profit of $2000.00 using these options but time is money and you could have been using your time to generate additional income, so your time does cost you money.

Advertising method Income
(excl. advertising costs)
Advertising cost Net profit
or loss
Pay per click or Adwords $2000.00 $3000.00 -$3000.00
Pay per view $2000.00 $1000.00 +$1000.00
Enhanced Marketing System (EMS) $2000.00 $0.00 +$2000.00
Reposting on FREE advertising sites $2000.00 $3333.33 -$1333.33
Search engines $2000.00 $0.00 +$2000.00
1 for 2 website exchange visits $2000.00 $2777.78 -$777.78

The highest profits are made from advertising options where the traffic is generated automatically and for FREE like the EMS system and FREE search engines.

There are some things you can do to make the examples 1 and 2 more viable, including looking for cheaper advertising rates.

Increasing the selling price of your products or the conversion rate for the website sales will increase the profits for all options. Care should be taken when increasing the selling price as you can price yourself out of the market, which can result in a reduced turnover and reduced profits.

Comparing adverts based on circulation.

When advertising in newspapers and magazines you can do a rough check to compare alternatives by relating the cost and circulation. Let us say that Paper A (a local advertising booklet) charges $20.00 for an advert and has a circulation of 5,000 and Paper B charges $60.00 but has a circulation of 250,000.

The cost per copy (say reader, based on one reader per copy) for:
Paper A = $20.00 / 5000 = 0.004
Paper B = $60.00 / 250000 = 0.00024

If you look at these figures, you will see that the cost per copy for Paper A is $0.004 and for Paper B $0.00024, this means Paper A is 16.67 (0.004 / 0.00024) times more expensive than Paper B on a per copy basis, so while placing an advert in Paper B is more expensive, the cost per reader is much lower. Providing they both include your target market Paper B is the better option as it has a circulation of 250000 (50 times more readers) at a far lower price per copy.

Measuring the response you get from adverts

While measuring the response of all your advertising is always beneficial, if you are paying for advertising either directly or in terms of your time, you should be establishing if it is generating you a profit or a loss. By doing this you will be able to establish which adverts generate you the maximum profits. This allows you to hone your advertising to maximise your profits.

Is an advert generating you a profit or a loss?

As soon as possible you need to establish if an advert is worth continuing. If advertising is generating a loss you need to stop it as soon as possible. The next step is to increase advertising that is more cost effective and reduce advertising that is less cost effective. In order to establish how cost effective advertising is you need to establish the response you get from each advert or advertising campaign. Ideally you need to check the income generated from each advert but in some cases this is not possible, and measuring the response is the next best option.

Methods of establishing advertising response.

The key thing about measuring advertising response is to know which advert your client responded to. There are numerous methods of doing this, some are very simple and others are more sophisticated. Some methods you may have noticed include online forms where they ask you "Where did you here about us?" with a drop down list of options or a field where you can type in your answer.

You could ask the respondent or use a different telephone number (email address or website url) for different adverts. In this way you can establish by simply counting how many responses you get to each advert, what the response rate is.

The options that you can use does depend on the type of advertising and facilities you have. For individuals and small businesses you can use a simple system.

For response counts in thousands it is better to automate this where possible. For online advertising, using a different url (webpage address) for every advert can make establishing the response easy, if you check your website stastistics for each web page. If you have a database facility on your website you can add some scripting to automatically count the responses from each advert simply by adding a parameter onto the url.

For example you could use url's like

Then by using scripting to count how many responses you get where ad=10 and ad=44 you will know how many responses you get from each of these two adverts.

There are also sites that provide an advert monitoring service for a fee.

Should you be using local, regional, national or global advertising?

You should focus your advertising on your target market, so if you only supply to the local community then use advertising that is focused on the local community. Having said this, even a local hairdresser can benefit from regional, national and global visitors, even if they do not have their hair cut or buy any products or services. The key thing is to convert as many non buyers into an asset as you can. Very website or blog visitor is a potential asset, the EMS system is designed to do this automatically for you. Even an individual or local business can benefit by thinking global.

Why you should use more than one type of advertising.

In general your target market do not all read the same advertising, so it you want to reach more of your target market you need to consider a number of alternative advertising options. The crucial factor is to evaluate the cost of each advertising alternative and only continue using the truly free options and the most cost effective options.

Advertising strategies.

Some advertising strategies / methods are good for getting quick results, while others are often cheaper and more cost effective in the longer term. Using a combination of advertising methods will generally provide the best results.

Quick or short term advertising methods

Here the object is to get a quick response and in general are aimed at your target market. This tends to be paid advertising such as newspapers, pay per click advertising, adwords and pay per view advertising etc. This type of advertising tends to be more expensive but provides rapid response.

Long term advertising methods

Here the objective is to provide more cost effective advertising and generally provide results over a long period. Examples include search engines, directories, opt-in lists, Enhanced Marketing System etc. These generally provide a progressively increasing benefit. With some options the benefits increase exponentially while others provide a more modest increase in benefits.

Search engines

There is no doubt that registering on the main search engines, particularly the free search engines is beneficial. The traffic that you will receive is dependent on a number of factors. Firstly new websites often take some time before they are indexed. Once indexed the next major issue is the listing position, which is dependent on a how the the search engines rank your website for the search words being used by potential clients. As part of the formulation used by search engines to rank websites, includes website popularity, it can take time to build up website popularity which in turn can help to improve the listing position.

Opt-In lists

Building an Opt-In list is a very useful strategy for most businesses. It allows you to contact people who have agreed that you can email them with additional information. While it takes time to prepare the newsletter or email that you are going to send to your Opt-In list, the benefits can be worth while if the Opt-In list is large enough and you have sufficient response. Building an Opt-In list takes some time but for most businesses it is worth the effort.

Writing articles

Writing articles is another marketing option that has long term benefits and is used by many top markerers to their advantage. The key thing is that it needs to be an article not an advert. There are a number of benefits to writing an article. Firstly readers, reading your article will see you as an expert, guru and friend if you share your knowledge with them for free (without selling anything). In addition if your article is interesting readers are more likely to visit your website or blog and to share your article with others.

Exchange links

Exchanging links with other websites or blogs is of benefit in most cases. However as in general most links are added to links pages that are not frequently visited, the number of visitors you can expect from exchanging links is generally low. Another advantage is that the more links you have to your website the more popular it is percieved to be by the search engines. Your website popularity is one of the factors that search engines use to calculate your website listing position in the search results. For most websites you will need to have hundreds or thousands of incoming links to make a significant improvement in your listing position on the major search engines.

Enhanced Marketing System (EMS)

The major benefit of the EMS system is that it provides a number of benefits, including helping to increase advertising, building incoming links automatically, helping to increase the response rate from other advertising, directing visitors directly to your website or blog. The EMS system includes an exponential growth element for visitors, adverts and incoming links. It has a very high long term benefit including helping to increasing website popularity, which can help to increase website listing / ranking on the search engines. This will help to generate more targeted traffic.

Increasing response rates or profits.

This can be both an advantage and disadvantage to increasing response rates. What is required is to look at increasing profits or benefits.

When can increasing response rates be expensive and reduce your profits?

Pay per Click (PPC) or Adword campaign can be very expensive and reduce your profits, if your advert encourages a lot of clicks (click throughs) from people who would never buy your goods. For this reason it is better to be very careful about your advert wording to only encourage only clicks from potential buyers and not just anyone.

Where increasing response increases profits.

When you have visitors on your website you need to convert as many as possible into an asset, this may be by selling them something, adding them to your Opt-In list, adding them to organisation or helping them to promote themselves using the EMS system etc. Where possible using more than one option is better.

Why is the Enhanced Marketing System (EMS), free promotional system different?

The Enhanced Marketing System (EMS) has been designed to work in conjunction with a website or blog. As your website or blog will have been created to promote yourself or your business, the fact that the EMS system directs new visitors directly to your website or blog is a major advantage. Another advantage of this strategy is that it can be changed and updated as required.

Works automatically

The EMS system is designed to work automatically; increasing visitors, increasing adverts, and creating links to your website or blog.

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